SEMI Foundation’s commitment to education and career awareness in high-tech fields now extends beyond formal education and into the workplace through our mentoring program.

By matching mentees with industry leaders and professionals, SEMI Foundation facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships that benefit all participants.

Whether you are a recent university graduate or growing in your microelectronics career and looking for support, participating in the SEMI Mentoring Program will put you on the right track.

SEMI University Mentoring Program

Developing Professional Program

How It Works

The SEMI Mentoring Program is open to university/college juniors and seniors enrolled in industry-related curriculum and employees of SEMI member companies.

Pairs are matched through program algorithm and approved by a human administrator.

After establishing goals together, mentors and mentees will meet for one hour a month, typically by phone, video call or email.

There is a six-month minimum commitment; however, a 12-month duration is highly recommended.

Getting Started

Choose from the two available programs below, and you’re on your way.

SEMI University Mentoring Program

The University Mentoring Program is for college and university students who seek support in achieving their career goals in the microelectronics industry.

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Developing Professional Program

The Developing Professional Program is for people who are early in their careers and/or seek support in achieving their career goals.

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Participating in the SEMI Mentoring Program is beneficial to both mentors and their mentees.

As a mentor, your role is to encourage and support your mentee, and to contribute to their professional and personal development. But you’ll also:

  • IMPACT the career development of a future leader
  • CONTRIBUTE to developing the next generation of industry innovators
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • DEVELOP feedback and critical thinking skills
As a mentee, you will receive guidance and advice on how to further your career and be successful. You can expect to gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel. Being a mentee allows you to:

  • GROW professional networks
  • LEARN to navigate workplace challenges
  • DEVELOP your leadership skills
  • EXPLORE opportunities and build your career path

Frequently Asked Questions

SEMI Foundation’s commitment to education and career awareness in high-tech fields now extends beyond formal education and into the workplace through our mentoring program.

Q: How are meetings conducted?

A: Mentors and mentees can meet face-to-face or virtually, but should meet for a minimum of one hour once a month for six months.

Q: How are goals set?

A: The mentor and the mentee agree on goals during their first meeting. The mentee is responsible for arranging meetings, preparing the agendas, and any other pre-meeting work. This will ensure that the discussions touch on the topics that matter most to the mentees.

Q: What happens once the six months are up?

A: You can continue an unofficial relationship if both parties agree, or you can search for a new mentor or mentee by reapplying through your mentor profile.

Q: What is SEMI’s role?

A: SEMI is here to help match you based off your preferences, facilitate the relationship, provide materials to guide your experience, and help resolve any program or platform related issues.

Q: What are the program eligibility requirements for mentors?

A: A mentor must be an employee of a SEMI member organization with a minimum of five years’ professional experience to mentor a university student, or seven years’ professional experience to mentor a developing professional.

Q: What are program eligibility requirements for mentees?

A: Developing Professional Program

  • Developing professional, 0-7 years in their career
  • Employed by a SEMI member organization

University Program

  • At minimum, a rising junior enrolled in a university program (students through PhD level accepted)   
  • Completing a STEM major
  • Within 6 months of graduation if currently out of school and seeking employment
  • Preferred: Interest in the microelectronics industry

Q: Why be a mentee?

A: Learn from an experienced industry professional and accelerate your professional development.

Q: Why be a mentor?

A: Being a mentor will allow you to grow as a leader while giving you the rewarding experience of guiding someone’s growth path firsthand. 

Join us in shaping the future of our industry by becoming a mentor or mentee. Sign up here! 

It is our responsibility to mentor the leaders of tomorrow and support the industry pipeline. Through mentoring, I have grown professionally and contributed to the development of others. I encourage leaders at all levels to commit to this rewarding endeavor.

President and CEO, SEMI