Nomination Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years employment with current SEMI member company
  • You can recognize a women for a variety or reasons including their business leadership, tech innovation, community advocacy, and more
  • Nominees are not required to be executives, any woman can be nominated for making an impact!
  • Nomination can be by anyone within the company, but must be endorsed by CEO or other business leader

Click Here to Complete the Spotlight on SEMI Women Nomination Form

One woman will be selected per quarter to appear on the SEMI Foundation’s webpage in “Spotlight on SEMI Women.”  All honorees will be considered for speaking opportunities at SEMI events.

Notification of Selection:

  • We will keep your nomination for consideration for up to two years
  • Due to volume, you will not receive a status notification, and will only hear from SEMI if your nominee is selected
  • Nominations are rolling and always open
  • One honoree is selected every quarter