SEMI HTU is an internationally acclaimed career exploration program that can changes student lives. HTU Teacher Edition is for educators who want to connect what they teach in the classroom to careers in technology. Typically hosted at a tech company and taught by industry volunteers, activities are engaging, exciting, and applicable to the real world.

There are three ways to volunteer at SEMI HTU:

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Instructor
  • Interviewer

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

The MC welcomes students, sets expectations, and facilitates transitions between activities. The MC may also assist with activities and/or chaperone the off-site tour.

Characteristics of a great MC:

Volunteer Instructor

As a volunteer instructor, you’ll change lives when you facilitate fun activities (no long lectures!) based on real-world problems. Very little preparation is required; SEMI does that work for you.

Here are just some of the workshops taught by our volunteer instructors:

  • Light up the room with a chemistry experiment
  • Make your own microchip wafer
  • Launch hacky sacks with a statapult to see the importance of statistics
  • Become a human calculator to see how logic gates work


Conduct a one-hour mock interview with two or more students. All it takes is 30 minutes of preparation time.

Characteristics of a great interviewer:

  • Relates well to high school students
  • Works in human resources or management at a tech company
  • Has a desire to share their own school-to-work experience

Become a volunteer!

Please contact the SEMI Foundation for more information: 408.943.7860 or